7.62×39 117 GR Short Barrel Ammunition

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Product Description

At Maxim Defense, we’re committed to developing next-generation tools, equipment, and systems that exceed in the most extreme environments.

Today’s short barrel rifles excel in close-quarter encounters but sometimes lack the velocities and terminal ballistics that longer barrels have. To address these concerns, Maxim Defense partnered with Fort Scott Munitions to optimize ammunition loads specifically for SBRs.

By making these adjustments, as well as including their TUI® (Tumble Upon Impact™) technology, the Maxim Defense Ammunition ballistic wound cavities exceed the standards of both Expanding and Fragmenting projectiles. The TUI® design of the projectiles tumble all the way down to 500 fps.

Maxim Defense Short Barrel Ammunition is the ultimate choice for when close quarter battle and personal defense are non-negotiable.

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