CQB Pistol Bundle FDE

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Maxim Ultimate CQB Pistol Bundle includes:

Maxim CQB Pistol: EXC for AR15, PDW Brace & CQB Buffer & Spring – Standard

The Maxim CQB Pistol EXC is your top choice when it comes to functionality, durability, and comfort for your AR15 pistol. Thanks to our buffer & spring, or our exclusive JP Silent Captured Spring, the EXC only adds 5.35” to your receiver at its most collapsed position with no special bolt carrier needed. It adjusts to 4 total positions giving your AR15 pistol the adjustments needed for the perfect cheek weld. The EXC is also perfect to use on your soon-to-be short barreled AR15 while you’re waiting on your Form 1 to clear. Once the form clears, simply swap out the cheek brace.


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