When you’re looking for Maxim Defense ingenuity in a standard AR-15 package, the MD-15 is your answer. The MD-15 was engineered to fit the growing demand for reliable, accurate and affordable AR15 style rifles for today’s Law Enforcement Patrol Officers.

Starting at the muzzle, each MD-15 is equipped with the patented Maxim HATEBRAKE™ which reduces recoil, decreases flash signature, pushes gasses and concussion wave downrange away from the operator, and improves overall performance in short barrel pistols and rifles.

For increased comfort and versatility every MD-15 features our free-floating Slimline Handguard. These handguards provide a monolithic-like upper receiver platform and M-Slot compatibility on five sides. At the rear, the MD-15 is equipped with either our SCW, PDW, or CQB stock or brace system for the ultimate in compactness, comfort, and versatility.

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